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cinematography reel

a cinematography reel featuring music videos, narrative shorts, concert recordings, a wedding video, and some general video art

Watch some videos in full:

a teaser video for the album “Harmonia” by Katie Sin, created by Melissa Fandos and Nadiri Saunders

an improvised, mockumentary-style visual adaptation of the song “Sandy (Bonus Track)” by Alex G. created by Melissa Fandos and Nadiri Saunders.

video collage created by Melissa Fandos

With the help of a psychedelic cactus, a woman rediscovers and redefines her identity as a mother. A film by Melissa Fandos, Julia Gunnison, and Hanky Song shot on 16mm film.

Something Gross

a comedy web series created by Nora Coghlan, Melissa Fandos, Teresa Fleming, and Halley Freger. Read more about the series here.

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